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Jiaxing Hengchuang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is leading China LED Tube Light Packaging Boxes Manufacturers, located on the bank of the beautiful Hangzhou Bay, only one hour away from Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou; since the establishment of the factory, it has many imported packaging equipment, from the reasonable procurement of paper to the finished product, all processes It can be done in the factory by itself, with strict quality control! As a well-known OEM LED Tube Light Packaging Boxes factory, the factory has a team with many years of experience and rich management experience; it is moving towards a new starting point, unity and development! Our factory mainly produces and undertakes all kinds of paper packaging, paper boxes, paper cards, Corrugated boxes, Wholesale LED Tube Light Packaging Boxes and other businesses, with high quality and low price to win every customer who comes! Our factory now cooperates with domestic large and medium-sized manufacturing companies and foreign trade companies to undertake the production of a series of packaging products, with a good reputation!

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, located on the bank of the beautiful Hangzhou Bay, only one hour away from Shanghai, Hangzhou, and...
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Industry knowledge

The Structure of LED Tube Light Packaging Box
Here is a general description of the common components and structure of LED tube light packaging boxes:
    Outer Box: The packaging box typically consists of an outer box that provides the overall structure and protection for the LED tube light. The outer box is often made of sturdy cardboard or corrugated material to ensure durability and resistance to external forces during handling and transportation.
    Lid or Flap: The packaging box may feature a lid or flap that covers the top of the box. This lid can be hinged or separate and is often secured with tabs, adhesive tape, or other closure mechanisms. The lid protects the LED tube light and provides easy access for packaging and unpackaging.
    Inner Cushioning: Inside the packaging box, there may be additional cushioning materials such as foam inserts, cardboard dividers, or molded plastic trays. These elements help provide cushioning, support, and protection to the LED tube light, preventing movement or damage during transit.
    Cutouts or Inserts: To securely hold the LED tube light in place, the packaging box may have custom cutouts or inserts. These cutouts are designed to fit the shape and size of the LED tube light, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The cutouts or inserts can be made of foam, cardboard, or molded plastic.
    Instruction Manual and Product Information: LED tube light packaging boxes often include an instruction manual or product information booklet. These documents provide guidance on installation, usage, and maintenance of the LED tube light. They may also include technical specifications, safety instructions, and warranty information.
    Branding and Labeling: LED tube light packaging boxes usually feature branding elements such as the manufacturer's logo, product name, and other branding elements. Additionally, labeling may include important information such as wattage, color temperature, certification logos, and energy efficiency ratings.
    Barcodes and Labels: Barcodes and labels may be present on the packaging box for inventory tracking, pricing, and retail purposes. These labels help in the efficient management and tracking of LED tube lights throughout the supply chain.
The Classification of LED Tube Light Packaging Box
LED tube light packaging boxes can be classified based on various factors such as design, material, and functionality. Here are some common classifications of LED tube light packaging boxes:
    Design-based Classification:
        Rectangular Box: This is the most common type of LED tube light packaging box, featuring a rectangular shape with straight edges.
        Triangular Box: Some LED tube light packaging boxes have a triangular shape, providing a unique and visually appealing design.
        Cylinder-shaped Box: Certain LED tube light packaging boxes are designed in the form of cylindrical tubes, offering a distinct look and easy handling.
    Material-based Classification:
        Cardboard Box: LED tube light packaging boxes made of cardboard are lightweight, cost-effective, and provide adequate protection for the tubes.
        Plastic Box: Plastic packaging boxes are durable, transparent, and offer enhanced visibility of the LED tubes. They are often used for high-end or display purposes.
        Paperboard Box: Paperboard packaging boxes offer a combination of sturdiness and visual appeal. They can be customized with various finishes and graphics.
    Functionality-based Classification:
        Standard Packaging Box: These are basic packaging boxes designed to securely hold and protect the LED tube lights during storage and transportation.
        Retail Display Box: LED tube light packaging boxes with retail display features are designed to showcase the tubes attractively on store shelves. They may include transparent windows, product information panels, or hanging features for easy display.
        Eco-Friendly Box: LED tube light packaging boxes made from sustainable and recyclable materials fall into this category. They are designed with a focus on environmental responsibility and reducing waste.
    Size-based Classification:
        Single Tube Box: These packaging boxes are designed to hold a single LED tube light.
        Multi-Tube Box: Packaging boxes with compartments or dividers to hold multiple LED tube lights. They can accommodate two or more tubes simultaneously.
    Customization-based Classification:
        Branded Box: LED tube light packaging boxes that incorporate branding elements, logos, and company information to create a cohesive brand identity.
        Custom-printed Box: Packaging boxes that can be customized with specific graphics, patterns, or designs as per the requirements of the brand or product.